Politics is local and we can have the most impact on our school boards

Your superintendent is the highest paid, most powerful public official in the municipality. Do you know his name?

Elected board members, although well intentioned are easily led by their paid employees; teachers & administrators.

Do you know what they're all doing? Well here in New Jersey they represent at least 60% of your property tax bill and budgets grow at an astounding compound rate each year.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Think I’m Over the Top


But not everyone. A DVD entitled “The Cartel”, an expose of the education system.is now available.  Perhaps we should all view it.

If you don’t get the chance however, at least view this short documentary

If you think corruption can’t happen here, Look what happened in Roxbury.

Make sure you watch,Bertram.  You might think twice before trusting the word of school administrators or board members (assuming you’re not one) 


  1. Ted:
    Thanks for the video lesson. I love multimedia presentations.

    No Ted, I am not a board member or an elected official. Now that we have clarified that I did watch your videos plus I watched an additional video I found on your site.

    First and foremost are you accusing the board members of taking kick backs like the one district? Second, do you have evidence that the school budget is inflated with personnel that are listed as alive and in the schools that are actually dead or made up? Finally, do you have evidence for any wrong doing on the board or administration similar to the videos?
    If the answer is no then you are doing a disservice to the community by suggesting that we run a corrupt school system.

    Remember Ted I told you I have a considerable investment in this community and if you are screwing around with my investment I will not play nice with you. Get your priorities straight and stop making suggestive comments that are lacking any shred of truth to them.

    Your Roxbury clip is interesting. But what was the point? Was it as my neighbors say a propaganda piece for your friends on that board? If so, then don't use our community as a political stepping stone for their agenda. Keep it in Rockaway Township.

    Finally, thank you for rooting for the Steelers so my beloved packers could win!

  2. Bertram, I'm pointing to a lack of fiscal oversight...or any oversight. On this blog I've identified some "red flags" indicating lack of accounting control; combined procurement, accounts payable and cash disbursement functions for example. This control weakness has been identified by auditors but the board has taken no action..

    My review of the solar project indicates kick backs are a distinct possibility.

    Regarding "phantom jobs", I've presented clear evidence that employee head counts were inflated for years. Between the 2004-05 and 2007-08 school years staff headcount was reported as 316. The total dropped by 60 classroom teachers for the 07-08 school year with no fanfare or community concern???

    Maureen's censure in Roxbury shows the length to which school boards go to silence critics. The RTBOE did the same to me a few years back and it didn't work in that case either. The difference for Maureen is that she is supported by a like minded board member and the means to battle legally.

    Is our elected board corrupt? I think naive is a more appropriate word. Is our local school administration corrupt? I firmly believe is.

    Now Bertram, my investment in this community is as important as yours. The difference is, I investigate and take actions to protect it while you appear to choose a side based on hearsay.

  3. Ted:
    Just a few comments because I don't want to be sued with you after people read this blog.

    First, you have a moral obligation if you have substantial proof that Verbist/Vitta are corrupt and receiving kickbacks to provide your proof to the Morris County Prosecutor.

    Second, is a personal suggestion. If you are just blowing smoke you better have a great insurance policy or "deep pockets" because I am sure you are going to be sued for everything you own by those two after they read your allegations. You may have crossed the line between your opinion and malicious and libelous allegations. Good luck with that.

    Next, I was at the last two audit meetings and the auditor NEVER said there were weak controls. She actually said the direct opposite that the schools records were exemplary and that they had a recommendation free audit for the last 5-7 years. You were there so I know you just screwed this up as usual for dramatic intent.

    Ted, I want to believe you but I think I will wait and see if you have the "stones" to contact the Prosecutor’s Office. I don't think you do because if you had the goods on them you would have done it by now. Show me I'm guessing wrong.

  4. You need to make sure you read properly.

    I never accused anyone of taking kick backs

    And uses of prior year cash to fund current year expense is by definition corrupt

  5. Ted:
    I did read your blog carefully. You said "Is our local school administration corrupt? I firmly believe is."

    If in the same blog you state "My review of the solar project indicates kick backs are a distinct possibility." and then you say "Is our local school administration corrupt? I firmly believe is." and you say you never accused anyone of kickbacks then what did you mean by those comments?

    If they are corrupt then what is the corruption? Certainly not the use of prior year encumbrances, and that is what they are not expenses. In most social circles if someone talks about kickbacks and corruption and the context is school administrators most people will take away the impression that you are accusing them of illegal acts from which they received financial gain.

    If that is not your intent to expose real corruption, where money is made, paid or exchanged then what was the point of suggesting kickbacks and corruption?

    You need to realize your dangerous comments left unchallenged will continue to erode the public's trust in our municipal and school leadership. That my myopic friend is wrong and

    If you want to talk about corruption you need to look into a mirror and see someone who is morally corrupt - you.

    I really try hard to see the positive in you but you are exactly what most of my neighbors and business associates say you are - a cancerous and dangerous person.

    I really don't have the time on a daily basis to play conscience to your delusional conspiracy theories but I will assure you I won't let you damage the creditability of this community through your ill conceived rantings.

    Ted, straighten up and fly right. Expose the real issues not your hatred for the schools. I said it before if you have something real I will support you but keep screwing around with these outlandish comments and I will be there at every turn challenging your veracity .

  6. When you're not putting words in my mouth, you spin those that I do speak. Like said you're probably a PR guy.

    Cut the bull shit. Identify yourself, do some research and present a case in favor of Vitta, Verbist and the RTBOE. If you think you're capable, challenge me on the merits.

    So far all you've done is hide your identity and call me names. I support everything I state, it's time for you to put up or shut up.

  7. Ted, sorry your feathers are getting ruffled. No, Ted I am not a PR guy but a business person who has a much larger stake in this community than I know you do.

    I would like to say I am appalled by your use of vulgarity but I'm not. I'm surprised it took you this long to show your true colors. I was warned that when you are cornered you would freak out and show your nasty streak. Too bad you chose that methodology because I subscribe to taking the higher road which for me works much better. But, I'm from a part of the country where getting down and dirty is a way of life and actually a sport for some.

    This may come as a shock to you Ted but since you have been addressing me by my name for months now I can't understand why you want me to identify myself. I guess when you are put into a position of owning up to your short comings you lose prospective and all senses of the real world and most likely your mind/memory.

    Ted, in reviewing all my additions to your blog I can't find anywhere in those blogs where I called you a name. Asking you to step up and admit you are off base may be a sign of weakness to you but to me it exemplifies the attributes I expect from a man. If you purport to be a watchdog for the community then be one.

    In terms of put up or shut up I have put up. I did my due diligence and investigated all of your claims and conspiracy theories only to find you have twisted, misrepresented and to be blunt fabricated information.

    Ted, again with the identity issue. You’re beginning to sound like a stalker. Should I be scared? Probably not since your distorted wisdom is your only weapon.

    You sound like you are challenging me to do what? I have responded to each of your false truths after I investigated your claims with the facts I was able to dredge up. Stop being paranoid. When you have something that is really the truth or rooted in real facts I will be supportive of you. Until then I guess I will have to play the role of the "corrector" since the schools have chosen to let you blather all you want without correcting you. Why I don't know but they feel that the people who know you will weigh the facts and know you are off base. I'm concerned for the people who like me actually believed you were credible. I need to protect them from making poor decisions on the next budget based on your conspiracy theories.

    Sorry Ted I'm not going away! See you tonight if I get back from the city in time. I'll be the one wearing the big smile on my face!

  8. First of all you're an anonymous contributor with absolutely no credibility. Secondly, as far as I'm concerned, nobody's investment in this community is more important than mine. The difference is I get involved. You lurk in the shadows.

    As I've proven my comments are backed by documented evidence. No one even knows if you exist.

    If you did investigate, you'd have evidence. So far, you have produced denials of wrong doing from those accused, nothing substantive.

    Actually I enjoy the fact that you're around. I just wish you'd start contributing to the conversation.