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Elected board members, although well intentioned are easily led by their paid employees; teachers & administrators.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things That Make One Wonder.

It’s kind of funny (peculiar not ha-ha funny)..  When asked to document the “many” inquiries from Ted Doty, our school business administrator can quickly retrieve data and create a Power Point presentation illustrating the nasty, vindictive person that is me.  But when asked to recall the most recent of those correspondence for response to a Government Records Commission complaint, a time extension is needed.

Originally Verbist was given a deadline of February 25 to present correspondence relating to three records requests; my inquiries as well as his responses but  James Verbist found the need to ask for and was granted a 5 day extension.. 

I understand that administration is busily preparing a budget but James was able to open the data base to show me as a bad person, why can’t he extract information  to prove he’s a good guy.



  1. Dear Teddy's family:
    I just got home from a 10 day visit to Florida and found a message on our answering machine from the school parents group that Teddy passed away yesterday.

    Please accept my condolences for your loss.

    Teddy and I when we last blogged were not on the same page. I always respected his right to have an opinion that was opposite of mine.

    I am totally devastated by this news. Despite our philosophical differences I appreciated his staunch desire to be right. I will keep Teddy and you in my thoughts. I only hope he went quietly and with dignity.

    Again, sorry for your loss.

  2. Ted - Know your gone, but wanted to share with you how unprofessionally I was treated by Dr. Vitta. I was a cantidate for one of the 3 principal jobs, and had made it through 2 interviews. I was asked to submit 8 - yes 8 - references. I broke the news to my superintendent and several of his assistants, because they would be able to share about my experiences. After telling 7 new people I was looking for a new job, my references were never called!! Total unprofessionalism - should have expected it since I've been following your blog since the positions were posted. Now Gary's retiring - glad his memories are "mostly positive." Why would your write that - oh yeah, he's a moron.