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Friday, February 11, 2011

Even More Regarding February 9

Those  in attendance at the last RTBOE meeting were mesmerized by the Legend of Ted Doty.Like most tall tales however the story was filled with hyperbole. It’s my understanding that I’ve been credited with  around 200 “inquiries” this past year, all of which robbed student programs.

Here are the facts based on a review of the last 22 meeting agendas as well as archived emails.  I wrote to the board 98 times not 200.  Ninety four of those missives were commentary and links to blogs, news articles or editorials.  That is,they were of no cost to the district.   Paper copies weren’t even required since all my correspondence was digital.

It should be noted that the 4/14/2010 agenda indicated 18 correspondence between James Verbist and myself.  This was a thread initiated by Verbist from his home on Palm Sunday (yes I have copies).  The flurry of activity reported February 9 represents 3 inquiries and 7 commentaries.  BTW,  all other correspondence is either Verbist’s refusal to comply or my clarification of the 3 requests. 

Bottom line, we know the board took hundreds of thousands from the students since 6/30/10 and we know the sun rises, the sun sets and if Mike Friedberger’s lips are moving, he’s lying 


  1. Ted:
    Is it wise to discuss your court case in your blog. I am sure your attorney will guide you not to comment on a ongoing case. Think man. In that one and 1000 chance you are right you will let them have all the amunition to beat you.

    You still have not proved to anyone that the board took hundreds of thousands of dollars from kids since 6/30/10.

    But, you will get that chance when you get to court. I hope I can free myself to attend so I can witness the activities so I can respond to what ever happens from fact and not from your version. Please let your readers know when your court case is scheduled for. The state indicated it would be 2-3 weeks from now if they have a judge available.

    Have a good weekend Ted. Work on your opening statement to the court. Public speaking isn't one of your strengths. Maybe you can have whomever writes your blog for you be your spokesperson.

  2. There is no court case. The mismanagement offunds has been proven.

    Nice try though.

  3. Ted:
    You admitted you filed a complaint and certified charges that the schools failed to provide you with the documents you requested. Did you lie about that?

    To the best of my information the mismanagement was NOT proven and they read that letter from the state at last Wednesday's meeting that you missed.

    Come on Teddy your losing that last glimmer of credibility is slipping away!

  4. The Letter to Cerf points out the conflict between the Interim County School BA and directives from a DOE commissioner and Director of the Finance Division.

    You're free to take whichever side you wish.

    And a complaint to the GRC is not a law suit.

  5. Ted:
    Not taking sides.

    The letter from the county makes it clear that nothing was done inporperly. Are you sure that those directives from 2003 and 2006 are still vaild and in effect? Could they have been vacated?

    I stand corrected the GRC issue is a complaint.

  6. GAAP is NEVER vacated, rescinded or altered.

    A Wharton MBA would know that...lol