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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Circling Wagons: Board’s Defense Strategy

I guess I should stick with the wagon metaphor but after hearing what occurred during  the February 9 RTBOE meeting I felt “Corralling the Rats” would be more appropriate.

Anyway, the board’s current rally cry is: “Ted Doty asks too many questions!”.  Think about it, educators opposed to questions.  Is  it any wonder that our district test scores lag behind the county average?  Our supposed leader wants us to “ponder the competition” but my suggestion is: Vitta et al, look at what you teach”

To divert attention from the question at hand , Board President Friedberger once again attempts to make an issue of  past questions raised and the expense involved.  Well the current issue that gets  the board’s collective panties in a bunch is fund mismanagement.of $212K.  There is conflict between an assertion made by the Interim School Business Administrator,  Ralph Goodwin and directives forwarded from the DOE  Commissioner and Director of the Finance Division.

I’ve registered a formal complaint to obtain access to records regarding potential fund mismanagement and requested the DOE Commissioner to weigh in on the apparent policy conflict.  However,I should get feedback before sharing those correspondence. 


  1. Ted:
    I missed you last night. I came in with a huge smile like I said I would so you could see me as I did what you asked - exposed myself to your posse unfortunately you were not there. Your posse performed admirably in your absence.

    Unfortunately, it backfired on you when you had the one gentlemen ask the Board to read your letter to the commissioner. They then read the county school administrator's letter (which I was looking to see but I heard it now) which simply blew your boat out of the water to use a sailing euphemism. Ted, you were dead in the water to the 80 people in the audience that heard your comments and that of the state representative. Keep hoping the commissioner is going to overturn three top administrators in his first 15 days on the job. Dream on but then that is all you have. Dreams of punishing the board and everyone else in your way for what happened 10 years ago.

    Ted, did you really send 200 emails in this school year? You have way too much time on your hands. They should canonize Verbist/Vitta for all the crap you put them through but then you have a purpose I guess. You do don't you?

    No one diverted attention from you last night Ted. You got a lot of attention. Attention to the fact that you have lied to the community via your blog about the misuse of funds, lied about corruption and lied about doing this for the community.

    Good luck with your court case with the state. After the meeting some of the parents indicated that to the best of their knowledge you received the information you wanted but it didn't suit your distorted needs so you hounded the administration. Good tactic, if you can't beat them drown them with paper and legal maneuvering. Sure you weren't an attorney in another life. Your tactic reminds me of my ex-partner's attorney who knew he was going to lose big time but buried us with paper until my ex could siphon off another 1.3 million.

    Well Ted, I really wanted to sit down with you man to man and discuss our philosophical differences but you were absent. A word to the wise, don’t count on your posse for information because they are as bad as you in reporting the facts as they really are.

    Have a great night Ted.
    PS: I'm still smiling!

  2. I know who you are. There is no court case and I expect my letter will be well received by the commissioner.

  3. Ted:
    If you know who I am then why the hell did you keep asking me to expose myself? Sometimes i really wonder about you.

    Yes there is a court case. I followed up from Wednesday night's meeting you filed a claim withthe state for the school's failure to give you documents you wanted. The state verified your suit. Why are you trying to hide it?

    I guess your looking for your name to be forever linked to something: Doty v. Rockaway Township Schools.

    You'll be a rock star!

  4. A GRC Complaint is not a court case.

    I have a good case, that's why you guys are so worried and lie in an attempt to change the subject.