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Your superintendent is the highest paid, most powerful public official in the municipality. Do you know his name?

Elected board members, although well intentioned are easily led by their paid employees; teachers & administrators.

Do you know what they're all doing? Well here in New Jersey they represent at least 60% of your property tax bill and budgets grow at an astounding compound rate each year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More On the February 9 Meeting

Rather than discuss the  ongoing complaint regarding denial of access to public records or the RTBoE disregard of a Department of Education directive that cost taxpayers $212,055.47, the board opted to rehash an 8-year-old ethics complaint at the February 9 school board meeting. By the way, my 2002 through 2003 complaints helped prompt Advisory Opinion A13-02, which reduced union influence on board members negotiating employment contracts.

But studying history has its benefits. With Decision C14-97, the School Ethics Commission found that “although he (Superintendent, Gary Vitta) had personal involvement when he…announced that he was not renewing the contract of the administrators”, Vitta did not violate the school ethics act.

What was the personal involvement? A woman Vitta let go was suing him for sexual harassment, religious discrimination and hostile work environment. The decision says a great deal about the School Ethics Commission and hopefully the RTBOE learns that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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