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Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Remember January 19 when Slick James Verbist told the world Chartwells donated the board meeting feasts  but then on February 9 denied that he had said it?

Well here’s a  couple of pictures of the pre meeting feast..  The topic of this session was to count emails from Ted Doty, project future emails and assign a cost.

“Slick Jimmy” who isn’t known for accurate record keeping blew this assignment as well…even as Sue Salny looked on.

Instead of socializing and plotting against one or two whistle blowers, perhaps the board should explain why they defied DOE directives and mismanaged $212,055.47…or even better, work on improving  NJASK scores…or explain why they hired a superintendent with a sexual harassment scandal in his past.




  1. Ted:
    I love it! You are now implementing photography into your site. Good for you. Are these pictures recent? On face value they expose nothing other than Verbist knows how to use a computer.

    Since you were not at the meeting of the 9th you certainly couldn't have heard Verbist deny anything. I was there and he didn't respond to the gentlemen who spoke.

    Just for the record the gentlemen who spoke kept referring to the food as a gift. I was at the last meeting when Verbist indicated that the food was a donation so whomever that gentlemen was on the 9th he had his facts incorrect. Friend of yours? Probably went to the same school of fact collecting as you.

    You’re sounding a little paranoid there Ted. Did you think everyone is out to get you? May I suggest you see a doctor for that persecution complex?

    From where I sit "Slick Jimmy" keeps coming up on the correct side of everything you and your apparent associates try to throw against the wall to see what will stick. It is safe to say "Slick Jimmy" is too slick for you and the posse.

    You are still trying to convince yourself that they did something wrong and defrauded the community of 200,000+. Keep trying because right now you are the only one believing the story.

    You and your posse are not whistle blowers but just blowhards! I suppose you like to sound of your voice echoing in the empty room. Empty because no intelligent person is in the room listening to your constant drab.

    I will agree we do need to do something to improve the NJASK scores. See Ted I do agree with you when you are right.

  2. A Slick Jimmy non response is par for the course.

    "gift" of "donation"? a distinction without a difference

    ...And unless you'll admit to being a board member, you weren't at the meeting either?

  3. Ted:
    First off. NO, I am not a Board Member!!!!
    In a prior blog you indicated you knew who I was so you know I'm not a Board Member.

    Why would "Slick Jimmy" need to respond to your misinformation after they read into the record the letter from the state? Besides, from what I have been able to find out he, the Board or Vitta don't have to respond to the public at the meeting other than to say thank you for your comments or we will get back to you if there is anything to get back about. If you truly listen during the meeting the Board members themselves were saying that amongst themselves.

    There is a big difference between a gift and a donation according to the state. I agree, I don't see the difference but they say there is a distinct difference. The one resident addressed the food as a gift and attached the Board policy on gifts. Verbist reported it as a donation which it looks like it takes it outside of the policy.

  4. I know who you are, that you're not a board member and that you were't there last Wednesday.

    BTW the letter was not from the state, it was from me to the state. When being fed info, you need to listen more carefully.

    No the board doesn't need to respond, it's just foolish not to. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

    Splitting hairs doesn't dot Slick Jimmy any good either and tuckers point is a valid one.

  5. Teddy:
    I was there I sat in the last row closest to where you set up. since you weren't I would suggest that you take a pass on this conversation since you will definately lose this point.

    BTW, the letter was from the state. It was from the county school official. So, get your facts correct. I was there when they read the letter and you weren't. Who is more likely to be correct - ME.

    Who is tucker?

  6. You weren't there and the letter to which you refer was an email sent to me not the district.

    That email is indirect conflict with GAAP and written directives from the state.

    The letter read aloud was what I wrote to the DOE Commissioner requesting clarification on the conflict....you really must pay closer attention to the board members who feed you Info...or better yet go to a meeting yourself and pay attention

    BTW, the county official's name and title is . Ralph H Goodwin, Interim Executive Morris County School Business Administrator. The directives to which I referred in my letter are from a former commissioner and DOE finance director.

    Now the validity of both GAAP and the referenced directives would be obvious to an actual Wharton School MBA...lol...And I think clarification is called for.

    As I said "pay attention", you might learn something. Too bad you didn't learn it at Wharton...LOL

  7. Teddy:
    Up to this point jousting with you has been amusing and actually some form of stress relief for me since you are so far out there.

    Now that you have begun to reach gutter level with your abusive comments to me I think you need to rethink your posture. They may sit and take your offensive and misdirected comments and error prone comments I won't. I am not bound by any law or sense of decorum to not blast you off the pages of your own blog.

    Email or letter call it what you want. You got a letter/email for Goodwin telling you that you were incorrect in your allegations. Simply put- RT 1 Teddy 0. Game, set match!!! You lose!!

    I know what was read out loud I was there you weren't so stop you ridiculous comments and concede you have no firsthand knowledge of what went on. That may be more than you can do.

    In regard to 5-8 year old memos you found on the web. Do you have any tangible documentation from a legitimate source these 2 memos are still in effect? If so put up or shut up! I prefer the later since it would be the appropriate thing to do when you are wrong.

    You can LOL anytime about Wharton. Jealousy is a terrible emotion.

    Teddy, love to spar with you more but I have a real job that takes me away from my new past time making sure I point out to the community that you are not the lightening rod that you portend to be. Maybe that is it- you were hit by lightening and that is why you can’t process any data and gets the final solution correct.

    Have a great day Teddy!

  8. As you folk sit to develop strategy, consider that you are pitting the opinion of an interim county level business administrator against written directives from the DOE director of finance and the commissioner of education. If you're calling "game, set, match" the smart money is with the the commissioner and director of finance. Did you learn nothing at Wharton School?...LOL

    Aside from the fact that generally accepted accounting principles are still in force, there are no written directives that supersede what I've presented. Now a Wharton grad should at least know that it's impossible to prove a negative...LOL

    You call this sparing? Sparing would require a legitimate argument from your side. All you do is claim, over and over that you've done nothing wrong. In hope that someone might believe you. And you never address the issue at hand.

    In my corporate days, the PR guys instructed executives to never directly address questions from the press, always turn the question into an opportunity. State what you want people to hear.

    Now Slick Jimmy and most of the board aren't that savvy but there is one professional PR guy on the board. Bertram's identity is revealed.