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Your superintendent is the highest paid, most powerful public official in the municipality. Do you know his name?

Elected board members, although well intentioned are easily led by their paid employees; teachers & administrators.

Do you know what they're all doing? Well here in New Jersey they represent at least 60% of your property tax bill and budgets grow at an astounding compound rate each year.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real Problems and Giarratano’s Avatar, Bertram

Rockaway Township has at best a mediocre education system. as reported by Deborah Grefe at the December 8 RTBOE meeting.(click for the mediocre presentation) 

Our $200,000/year School Superintendent ,who claims he’s worth more  in the private sector responded “Well, look at our competition:”: Slide 3 of the presentation shows the competition…Gary Vitta, if you can get a better offer take it…please save us the trouble of firing you.

Superintendent Vitta and Business Administrator, James Verbist.improperly transferred between $212K and $750K; at taxpayer expense of course.(read Siphoning Funds II)

There are other issues as well click here to read about federal grant money.  And then there’s the ill fated $2.6 solar fiasco click to read "control costs..."

Amid these important and costly issues,  Frank Giarratano and his Communications Committee worked diligently on an internet avatar, Bertram  to obfuscate facts and discredit me by miscounting my communications to the RTBOE..  If anyone is interested, click here for the RTBOE communications record.  The grand totals are 96 communications, 92 of which were comments, 4 of which were inquiries.  For all 96 communications the were 0 responses or answers:  the records reflect 20 board meetings.  click here for worksheet

Important issues go unresolved while board members play games and swear to Slick Jimmy Verbist’s lie..  Another way to look at it, “ Nero fiddles while Rome burns”.


  1. Teddy:
    I leave you for one day to go to Boston on business and you go off the reservation. What set you off this time Teddy? Was it that the public realizes you are in left field?

    Under normal circumstances I would be honored to be in the headline of your blog but I have to be honest with you I'm not loving the honor. After 5 months of reading your blog, listening to you at board meetings and responding to your incessant whining and/or conspiracy theories I'm totally disillusioned. You can't be reasoned with or helped to see you are wrong and that your twisted wisdom to the community is cancerous to the community.

    Try reading your own blog Teddy I never addressed the number of your emails. I never touched upon that in any of my replies to your ranting. Proof read Teddy. Try it sometime.

    Give up trying to flood the pages of your blog with the insanity about $750,000 going missing or misappropriated. It is false and you know it. If you had any real credible proof you and your posse would have been to the prosecutor's office by now. That is your style.

    Someday "Slick Jimmy" is going to provide you with the responses of responses and humiliate you in public. I hope I am at that meeting because for all you have said about that guy it is long overdue. From my three or four brief discussions with him he couldn't have been more professional in discussing your tirades. Too bad. Under the circumstances he should let loose and blast you. He has nothing to lose. He has tenure and I am sure he would get a standing ovation from the education community at the meeting. I'd definitely give him a high five. But, he wouldn't do that. What a shame.

    Teddy, sorry I am going to miss next Wednesday. We are visiting the land of the mouse and the in-laws because schools are closed a few days this week into next week. Haven't decided whether to bring a laptop. Please keep up your the good work. The more you rant the easier it will be to show the uninformed residents what a master of nothing you are.

    See you Teddy.

  2. Avatar Bertram,

    You just can't avoid a chance to spin facts into lies.

    First, I'm a man of reason but I will not tolerate your lies and deceit.

    Secondly,you specifically asked if I "really sent 200 emails" last year. But my reference was targeted at Friedberger and Slick Jimmy not you.

    I've provided credible proof for all my claims. If fact it's proof beyond any doubt. The world now realizes that you're merely practicing PR 101 and Frank...er Bertram, you've lost all credibility.

    I posses copies of all correspondence with Slick Jimmy and encourage he open any file he wishes to open...but between you and me, he hasn't got the balls....and he knows I right

    Finally, knock off the attempts to remake Verbist's image. He's not a nice guy and would bury anyone in his way if he could.

    Hey here's a suggestion, In you avatar suit, ask a few parents, RT staff members and a few state employees I know about Slick Jimmy.

    Til then spin away, we'll just have to wait for a response from the state and the GRC

  3. Teddy, Teddy Teddy!!!

    First off my name is not Frank but then I knew it was only a matter of time before you would screw that up and be the master of misinformation. At least you are consistent.

    If you are a man of reason as you portend then you would realize a reasonable person would give up disseminating misinformation, half truths and self serving ranting. Case in point, you credit "Slick Jimmy" with addressing your 200 emails. Wrong, since I was at the meeting and you weren't I know it was a board member who shared that information.

    "Slick Jimmy's" image doesn't need to be remade. He has always responded to my requests as a professional and has always refrained from casting any dispersion on you and your posse. Quite the opposite he has always indicated you and your posse have the Constitutional Right to freedom of speech and to have an opinion that is contrary to public opinion. I like that image - honest. You should worry about your image.
    Teddy, you give me the names of the parents, staff and state officials to talk to I will talk to them and validate your comments about "Slick Jimmy". Wait, you would have to put up or shut up. We both know you can't handle being exposed as a shallow person so I and the public will never see that list. Just a hint, if you lace your list with posse members I will to use your words expose you and them for what you are - malcontents. Give me and the community a real list of credible people and let us take it from there. Give us substance not effluent.

    In regard to my Avitar costume - I think I look pretty cool in it if I say so myself. I know I look better than a person who masquerades as a concerned resident but in reality is a disgruntled former board member who has so many axes to grind.

    I am looking forward to your responses from the state and the GRC. I can only hope you will share them with the community whether they agree or disagree with you. One can only hope.

  4. Frank, Communications Committee or avatar Bertram, whichever you prefer;

    You’re starting to talk in circles. You as Bertram asked if I really sent 200 inquiries to the board last year, then you as Bertram denied asking the question. Now you twist words and make it sound as if I blamed Verbist.

    Here it is: Verbist lies and guileless board members accept whatever he says as truth. I know who the board member-mouthpiece was and I also know the pix of Salny and Verbist was taken when the two were hastily gathering Slick Jimmy’s ill-kept data files. I've posted the facts. Frank, you just gotta keep up.

    If you think I’m going to reveal names of people who fear for there jobs and retaliation aimed at their children, you must be nuts…some have already suffered or been threatened.

    Besides, I suggested an independent survey unaffected by your or my opinion. Frank, talk to people other than Verbist. You’ll definitely learn something.

    As stated, I have no axe to grind and the board has never taken any action that harmed me in any way. Oh, they tried after the defeat of a wasteful $70 million referendum but it merely boosted my credibility and began the slow departure of Parciak and a few bad seeds on the board. Tom Parciak nervously puffed a cigarette outside central office and remarked “first the referendum, then the Superintendent”. It took one more contract extension (Salny owns that mistake) but he’s gone.

    Now Frank you’ve always kept track of political winds. In a prior remark, you recognized a shift in community attitude and I’m guessing you’re noticing a change in regular board attendees. The choir you once had, is no longer.

    You referred to the change as a cancer but I’d suggest you view the change as a grass roots movement.