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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why is Transparency So Difficult for Verbist?

Slick Jimmy’s avoidance transparency is at a ridiculous level..  This April 27th there will be two open seats on the RTBOE but the district’s News Release provides both misleading and incomplete information…typical Verbist.

The press release isn’t clear as to what seats will be open.  For example, are two, three year seats open?.  If so, that would mean neither Frank Giarratano and Diane Power are running this year.  A second option is that two other members are leaving unexpired terms.  The final option is that either Frank or Diane are not running and and some other member will leave an unexpired term.  Clarification is important since some potential candidates prefer to fill an unexpired term as Sue Salny did in her first run.

The press release should have explained that candidate kits can be obtained from any district office.  Often, candidates prefer a lower profile while gathering petition signatures.  Completed petitions however must be submitted locally.


  1. Teddy:
    Thanks for the heads up. I looked at the district website and clicked on the link to the press release. The release states that there are 2 - 3 year seats available.

    I contacted the school offices and they are not even required to put out a press release that there are seats available. They do so as a public service and quote “to be transparent". See Teddy they learn from you and your demand for transparency!

    I called New Jersey School Boards Association and they indicated that announcing if a sitting board member is running is prohibited. It would it would be looked at as discouraging other citizens from running. To take it further, the women I spoke to said most incumbent board members in small communities like ours don't file until the last second.

    In regard to your comments on press kits in any district office may be true but according to the School Boards Association not every district avails itself to using their press release. Basically, the district took School Boards press release and filled in the blanks. So, if you have an axe to grind call them @ 888 88 NJSBA.

    Keep on trying Teddy to create an issue when there is no issue. Just for your information the schools said there are at least 10 packets out there. Democracy in action. I guess “Slick Jimmy” isn’t abrogating the policies and procedures of the election process.

  2. The PR spin again. The press release clearly states a full term is three years, period. It does not state that two 3-year terms are available

    Now the purpose of the release was to announce 2 vacancies not the fact that there is an upcoming election.

    Are they 2 full term vacancies, one full term and one partial or are there two partial terms open. And yes Slick Jimmy IS required to announce the vacancy terms; 1,2, or 3 years.

    The names of incumbents up for re-election is common knowledge. If there is two 3-year terms open we know that neither Giarratano or Power are running. If there a 2 partial term vacancies, we don't know or care who is stepping down.

    Slick Jimmy steered you wrong again and had you ask the NJSBA a nonsense question.

  3. Teddy:
    Your thought process is extremely cloudy today even though it is beautiful and 65+ degrees.

    Your premise that "Slick Jimmy" has to announce whether a board member is running or not is based on what? Certainly not law. I checked with the County Election Board and they indicated that whether a sitting member runs or doesn’t run the seat is vacant until filled by a vote of 1 more than the next highest candidate.

    So Teddy you screwed this one up too. The press release says 2 three year terms which is accurate since there are 2 members who have expiring terms. Simple math, even a self proclaimed accountant from can figure that out (If you are lost at this point and I am sure you are I am referring to you).

    Focus Teddy. Less conspiracy and more factual analysis. NJSBA was very helpful and factual assisting me in the understanding the election process. Something of course you are not: helpful or factual.

    Teddy, have to run to catch my plane. I will be bringing the laptop so if you feel the need to distort life in Rockaway while I am away please do so and I will catch up on your newest conspiracy when I can.

  4. More PR trash....I wrote that Slick Jimmy must describe the vacancies; 1, 2 or 3 years. We find out who's running when someone announces or from the media.

    More PR garbage...the Press release says there a two vacancies. Vacancy means someone is leaving the board. In this case, two people.

    Now, if you're saying Jimmy screwed up with the definition of vacancy as he did in the donation/gift fiasco and the tuition plus an aid resolution, I buy that.

    (BTW I'm sure Verbist still can't explain whether tuition for that student from Wharton included salary for an aid or the district received money above and beyond tuition) ...LOL

    Anyway, nowhere in the press release is the reader told that two 3-year board positions are being vacated...and you claim to be an MBA...LOL.

    This Communications Committee thing is more work than you bargained for isn't it? ROFLMAO.