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Friday, February 18, 2011

My response to Friedberger

With any luck it will get published.

Dear Editor,

On a typical Day, the sun will rise, the sun will set and if  the Rockaway Township School Board President speaks, his words are at the very least hyperbole.

Neither State nor County Education officials have ruled that my allegation of fund misuse is incorrect. In fact, a department of education commissioner ruled state aid would be withheld for the exact violation committed by the RTBOE. If the board’s year-end chicanery is allowed, RT taxpayers will unnecessarily spend hundreds of thousands I think the situation warrants further investigation.

The State Election Law Enforcement Commission passed no judgment on my allegations but asked for evidence that only last year’s board candidates have. And clearly they won’t self incriminate.

Regarding the solar project, RTBOE President Michael Friedberger wants us all to forget that the project was sold as a revenue replacement not a simple cost saver. But I’m glad the board now accepts my analysis.

Friedberger also loves to talk about School Ethics Commission decision C22-03 but neglects to say that my previous complaints prompted advisory opinion A13-02, which reduced union influence on board members negotiating contracts. .

But studying history is a good thing.  With Decision C14-97, the School Ethics Commission found  “although he had personal involvement when he…announced that he was not renewing the contract of the administrators”, Superintendent, Gary Vitta did not violate the school ethics act..  Vitta’s personal involvement was that the woman he fired was suing for sexual harassment, religious discrimination and hostile work environment. The decision says a great deal about the School Ethics Commission. And hopefully the RTBOE learns that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Ted Doty

Rockaway Township

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