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Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Oh A Verbist threat

I received the correspondence shown below on 2/18/11.  Briefly, James Verbist finds me in violation of Rockaway Township School Board Policy 9326.1- Recording and Photographing of Public Meetings.  James specifically mentions “unauthorized photography “ and tells me to remove “any and all photographs which were illegally taken…” from my Blog.

Document _4_ -

Well first of all, James omitted a comma between the words “photographs” and “which”.  More important however, I haven’t photographed any Public Meeting or closed session ;either legally or  illegally.  Nor  have I posted any photos of public meetings or closed sessions to my blog.. 

James,  I realize you’re upset but you’ll have to be more specific.  BTW don’t you have to  respond to a GRC  complaint by the 25th?


  1. Teddy:
    I see you have blogged Conspiracy #150 this time accusing the school administrator of threatening you.

    As they say the devil is in the detail. You finally got him on something - a missing comma. Good for you Teddy. A hollow victory though since I am not sure a comma is necessary! But, then besides being an accounting and governmental operations expert you are also a literary proofreader. You are a jack of all trades aren't you Teddy?

    Teddy, after I read your attachments it looks like the joke is on you. We both know you have pictures of the administrator on your blog. Pictures that look like they are taken at Copeland. So, as the policy you provided the community to support your conspiracy/threat indicates you can't take a picture of the school facilities, in the schools or of their employees other than specific exceptions. Not the case in your blog photographs.

    Now, I am sure you are going to say that what looks like Copeland and looks like the administrator is not Copeland or the administrator. Right? You plastered his picture and the board member on the blog a week ago. You can't deny you did it. All four of us that follow your blog saw the pictures when we read your blog.

    By the way it's a little cold down here in Florida. Just to let you know my Avitar costume is a big hit here and I do look cool in it! Thanks for acknowledging it in your blog!

    Teddy, he sounded real upset in the tone of his letter. NOT!

    Since GRC complaints are public I am waiting patiently for your testimony to be published so we can see how you are going to spin your complaint. I'm going to take a wild guess that he isn't losing any sleep worrying about your GRC complaint. If history truly repeats itself you will be judged incorrect (as usual) and the district will be vindicated due to your fabrication of the information. We shall see. Hope you have the guts to publish the full official transcript of the proceedings. I know I will be asking to see it.

    Got to go to the in-laws for the family reunion of sorts. Keep me posted on what isn't happing in Rockaway Township.

  2. Actually Frank, the important fact is that board policy is not law.

    Within that frame work we do not know the Date, time or purpose for which Little Jimmy was on the computer.

    So Frank, when is little Jimmy going to rule against the board for violating the Donation Policy?

    BTW the GRC allows 5 business days for Verbist to respond. Then we wait for a ruling.

  3. Teddy:
    Good to hear from you again.

    As usual you screwed things up again. My name is not Frank.

    Frankly, I don't appreciate your constant foray into the world of the absurd. Call me by my correct name. Try being a man for a change.

    Board policy is the law of the schools Teddy. To address your "Within that frame work we do not know the Date, time or purpose for which Little Jimmy was on the computer" comment does it matter? The policy is clear. No photographing the schools or their employees. What part of NO don't you grasp? The N or the O!

    Teddy, you may regret the day the GRC rules. BTW, if you lose are you going to admit another defeat in your blog? You better.

    Teddy, focus now. What is my name Teddy? (Hint- it isn't Frank) Good boy! See I knew you could get something right.

    Thanks for my bed time story Teddy. Now I can go off to sleep totally amused by your mindless banter.

  4. Regardless of who is typing, the words are Franks.

    Hmmm, the public is entitled to photograph public board meetings....except they can't photograph the inside of the building or employees.

    Geez Frank,aren't Board meetings held in school buildings...and don't employees attend those meetings?