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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Isn’t little Jimmy cute?

Verbist just emailed the following; at 7:24 am 2/19/11.

Doty Response Letter 2 19 11 re photographs

Verbist, you've enough trouble keeping accurate records.  Now there’s a failed attempt at the legal profession...

First of all , Board Policy does not have the force of law.  So stop wasting taxpayer money, your and Chief Ardin’s time by pursuing this folly.

Secondly, there is no date or time stamp on the pictures you reference.  So we have no idea what was going on in the room

Finally, I have taken no pictures.  I explained that but apparently you refuse to accept what you’re told.

But it is kind of cute that you boldly repeat the phrase “cease and desist”  as if you have power, authority and community respect.


  1. Teddy:
    If anything you are consistent. You blame the schools for failing to address your person vendetta needs and then you play HA HA you can't touch me when you are caught doing something in violation of policy. What are you 6 years old?

    Date stamp or time stamp can easily be gotten from the JPEG file you used to upload the pictures. Since "Little Jimmy" (yes Ted the L in little is to be capitalized since you are using it as a proper name. You failed to do that in the title of your blog. Shame on you. How's the comma count?)isn't a lawyer but Chief Ardin is in law enforcement they can retrieve that information from you and guess what? You have a 50/50 chance of getting off the hook.

    My bet is that you will be BUSTED! But, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you may have taken those pictures prior to the implementation of the policy. There is one way to show you have some creditability is to voluntarily forward the JPEG files to the Chief to show you are not in violation of the policy. Then, you can blast me, Verbist and the Board publicly for falsely accusing you of violating the policy.

    How about it Teddy. Can you step up and be a man and prove to the community members that support you that they are right in supporting you or prove the majority of the community that believe that you are wrong and lack any creditability to be correct in dismissing you?

    Teddy, we both know the answer to that question. You will pass on turning over the JPEG pictures to the Chief since they would incriminate you in the policy violation. Here is a hint Teddy. Verbist and the women in the picture can provide swore affidavits to the date and time of the pictures were taken without their permission. I would like to believe that they were not taken with a telephoto lense since they are of fair quality and to get through the safety glass they would have had to be taken up close. There is a slight chance neither one of them knew they were being photographed so you may have dodged the bullet if they were unaware of the pictures.

    To take this a step further, I agree with some of our fellow community members when I say that if you or a member of your posse took those pictures it makes you and them look a little creepy. I personally say a lot creepy.

    Teddy, you keep up the good work. Little cold here in Florida today so we are going to visit the NASA site.

    I am sure when we return you will have another chapter in "Ted Doty's Absurd Theatre".

  2. Trust me, the police department deals with more important issues.

  3. Teddy:
    You finally got something correct.

    You are not important at all.

    You are nothing and will continue to be nothing until you realize you are not contributing to society at any level.

    That is a personal opinion of someone who continues to believe that you can offer this community something. At this moment I can't figure out what. You are negative, hurtful and full of malice. Teddy you need to let go the negativism and try to come away from the dark side. Join those of us who enjoy the light and want to build this community and not destroy it.

    Get a life man. Channel your pain into something helpful instead of hurtful.

    Busy day on Monday Teddy. Back to the house of the mouse for some more fun and 100 miles of walking.

    Think about what I said. Try something positive. Once you do you will feel better about yourself and others.

  4. Teddy:
    You are everything that people say about you and then some. Trying to work with you is probably a useless activity. You may be beyond reasoning with you.

    Teddy, trust me if I were the RTBOE you would know it. What's this Conspiracy # 151?

    Had a great day at the house of the mouse. Even you can't ruin a perfect day.

  5. You're NOT he RTBOE? Well, I understand that's your story and you're sticking to it.

    After all, you've lost respectability by overcharging taxpayers $212,055.47, you have a business administrator who can't accurately prepare minutes much less an annual report.

    The district has a superintendent who once fired a woman when she sued him for sexual harassment... he even got the school ethics commission to say it was okay to do so.

    We have a board president who claims I'm ALWAYS wrong and EVERYONE says so. but to date the ONLY ones saying I'm wrong is the inept district administrator who committed serious wrongdoing and a low level county bureaucrat...and an Interim one at that...lol.

    Of course you can't reveal you're true identity. That would be the last straw; residents wouldn't stand for it anymore.