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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Communications: information or con game?

At the 10/20 BOE meeting, Frank Giarratano announced the Communication Committee's first endeavor; answer unresolved questions surrounding the solar project. Wow!!! Now that the decision's been made the board will attempt to answer questions that should have been resolved prior to the decision. Kind of "ass backwards" but that's a RTBOE signature.

Frank said he will produce a "One Sheeter" addressing financial issues...Well, issues I've raised. It's flattering but this board just doesn't think. They blindly accepted Verbist's sales pitch and now will try there hand at a few of my issues (albeit after the fact).

Giarratano cleverly ignored reconciliation of the three public presentations. Frank initially said on September 7 that out of pocket costs were $42k/year with undefined savings. On September 22 Verbist reported costs of $35k with profits of $89k. On October 6, costs were the same but profit jumped to over $90k. Never the less, the board went ahead with an undefined project...PT Barnum was right.

Secondly, way back in September Verbist encouraged speedy approval because federal incentives are expiring, which also raises a question. Can the project stand on it's own? Or is government subsidy needed to make solar viable?

Most importantly can an administration claiming to have its hands full take on a solar project as well?

Rest assured, Giarratano's PR campaign isn't an attempt to inform. It's a feeble attempt to favorably market a project that may have been a mistake, discredit me and win your vote next April

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