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Monday, October 11, 2010

Verbist's legal expenses

Ordinarily, employers cover employee legal expenses for issues involving the performance of job responsibilities.  At the 8/25 board meeting township resident, Tucker Kelly discussed the purchase of a 2001 automobile for district use.  

Board Special Councils, Iaciofano, Fiamingo and Perrone read a police complaint initiated by Mr Kelly  regarding illegal operation of the the vehicle in question and declined further comment due to ongoing investigations

On September 22, the Rockaway Township Board of Education resolved to indemnify Dr. James P. Verbist, School Business Administrator for all reasonable counsel fees and expenses incurred in defending the municipal court complaints relative to a RTBOE vehicle.

Obviously, operating an unregistered vehicle isn't in Verbist's job description and I have to wonder why the board decided taxpayers should cover his legal expenses

A roll call vote on the indemnification resolution carried with all present voting yes.

Ted Doty

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